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Worthy And Well Qualified - A Masonic Podcast

Aug 21, 2018

We're doing it wrong.

One of the biggest issues in Masonry is (and has been for a long time) "how do we keep our brothers engaged?". Brothers - we have been doing it wrong for a long time. This week, Bryan and Darrell talk about a 3rd way - so we can finally get this right.

We raise them, they drop us.

It's a song as old as time - a candidate goes through their three degrees, getting the obligatory education along the way. They get raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason. Aaaaaand -poof- - they're gone, never to be heard from again. What happened?

The question should be "what DIDN'T happen?".

We tend to have two go-to's we lean on to keep our new members engaged and active in our lodges. Generally, we either throw them in the officer line or we get them on some kind of committee. We think by giving them something to do they'll stay active, keep attending, and that's that. Sadly, more often than not we are mistaken.

We're approaching this wrong.

Unfortunately we're missing the boat on this 9 times out of 10. We get lulled into a false sense of effectiveness because, every so often, it DOES work. We get the really ritual-inclined guy in the Inside Sentinel's chair, and he progresses up the line and loves every minute of it. Maybe we put a guy on a committee and he flourishes and gets really involved in the lodge. Problem is - generally, with these guys, we got lucky. Or they were going to be active ANYWAY, but we THINK we helped.

There's a 3rd way we could do this.

Remember when I said sometimes we get lucky? By that I mean we were lucky to make the right call and put a guy in a position to capitalize on a skill or interest he has. What if we weren't lucky? What if we figured out how to do that EVERY time, with EVERY new brother? "How?", you ask? Give a listen to Episode 8, and gain a little insight into the answer.

What's in this episode:

  • We discuss the "engagement" debate
    • how we usually handle new guys
    • why we're getting it wrong
    • how we SHOULD be approaching it

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