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Worthy And Well Qualified - A Masonic Podcast

Oct 12, 2018

Recruitment is practically taboo in Masonry.

How can a man find it in his heart to be one of us... If he doesn't know we exist? Maybe it's time to rethink this...

It should be about the betterment of The Craft.

There are so awful lot of strong feelings on how best to approach Freemasonry's elephant in the room - membership. There's no arguing with the data - numbers are declining. Its up to us to figure out how to best work and best agree on how we solve that problem. Here in Massachusetts, our Grand Master has some strong feelings of his own on the topic...

In this episode, your co-hosts are joined by very special guests Most Worshipful Paul Fulton Gleason, Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts, and Bro. Christopher Rooney. They join us to discuss the coming statewide open house in Massachusetts, as well as the Grand Master's One Day Class. We also discuss the Bowtie Benefit and the Golden Gavel Awards - two excellent events coming up that promise to foster warmth, brotherhood, and recognition for hard efforts.


What's in this episode:

  • We talk about some topics of special interest to Massachusetts Freemasons
    • And in so doing, we talk about
      • Membership
      • Advertising
      • Recruitment
      • Brotherhood
      • And recognition
    • And, we’re joined by a guest who is also of special interest to Massachusetts Freemasons...

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