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Worthy And Well Qualified - A Masonic Podcast

Sep 14, 2018

Yes, Grand Masters have controversial opinions.

Usually, we don't get to hear them. Today, we do. Buckle up.

Those in power must watch their tongue.

It can be almost dangerous for someone in a high office to share controversial opinions. We see this in politics, civil & charitable organizations, and of course, social & fraternal bodies like ours. If a sitting Grand Master were to voice a radical opinion it could have quite an impact on the Fraternity, and maybe not for the better. However, when the word "Past" gets added to your Grand Lodge title, and there IS no higher office left for you to seek... well, then, I suppose, you're free to tell it like it is. And that is exactly what Most Worshipful Iacobucci does in part 2 of our conversation.

Being Grand Master has its perks, eh?

Most Worshipful Peter Iacobucci and Right Worshipful Gil Fontes are the junior Past Grand Master and Past Grand Marshal of the Grand Lodge of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. They join your hosts Darrell and Bryan on this special two-part adventure to share their story, their journey, and their thoughts.

In this episode - part 2 - things get a little more interesting. MW Iacobucci shares his thoughts on the personalities of the Grand Masters of Rhode Island who came before him, and what was necessary or useful then vs. the approach needed during his term. He goes further, sharing his thoughts on how best to rule and govern both as Grand Master and as District Deputy Grand Master. Our esteemed guests share their views on the differences between jurisdictions, and how it affects everything from daily operation & ideology, to issues like innovation, safety & guns in the Lodge, and even women in the Lodge. Finally, we learn how MW Iacobucci and RW Fontes got roped into higher office in the first place, and how the future looks.


What's in this episode:

  • MW Iacobucci’s thoughts on personalities of past GM’s in RI
  • His thoughts on how best to rule and govern as Grand Master and District Deputy Grand Master - and how NOT to
  • Differences between jurisdictions yesterday, today, and tomorrow, including
    • Day to day operation
    • Ideology
    • Innovation
    • Safety and guns in Lodge
    • And women in the Lodge
  • And lastly, how MW Iacobucci (and RW Fontes) actually got roped in to office in the first place.

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